The color for Moomintrolls in Moomin family are white as cream and they have blue eyes. On the bottom of feets are texts Atelier Fauni Finland and in other feet text Moomin or Muumi, not the Moomin name on it. The size for the troll in picture below is ca. 7 cm (ca. 3 inch). Is Atelier Fauni made 15 cm (7 inch) Moomintroll also... I don't know... yet. These trolls are made between 1950's...1970's.
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Same text below written as finnish...

Muumiperheen Muumipeikko on väriltään kerman keltainen ja sinisilmäinen.
Jalkapohjissa on tekstit Atelier Fauni Finland toisessa ja Moomin tai Muumi toisessa jalassa, mutta ei tietoa esim. peikon nimestä.
Kuvassa oleva Muumipeikko on kooltaan n. 7cm.
Nämä ensimmäiset Muumihahmot on valmistettu 1950...1970 luvuilla.

First Moomin Trolls are made by Atelier Fauni in Finland from 1950's to 1970's.
The company Atelier Fauni is working today in USA and the homepage for them is:


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