"Candybag" Cars at scale 1/60

6cadil10.jpg (1083 bytes) 6edsel10.jpg (1209 bytes) 6opel10.jpg (1233 bytes) 6rambl10.jpg (1116 bytes)
Cadillac Citroen DS19 Fiat Multipla Ford Edsel
6citro10.jpg (1105 bytes) 6jagua10.jpg (986 bytes) 6peuge10.jpg (1077 bytes) 6renau10.jpg (1137 bytes)
Jaguar Mercedes 300 Opel Rekord Peugeot 403
6fiat10.jpg (1073 bytes) 6merce10.jpg (1029 bytes) 6plymo10.jpg (1060 bytes) 6volks10.jpg (1122 bytes)
Plymouth Rambler Renault Dauphine Volksvagen

You can see all 10 different models of this series in this page.
In picture below is the candy bag for these cars.

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 These items are from my collection... Not for Sale!
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