Troll "Naksu" made by Atelier Fauni, Finland

fauni_naksu01.jpg (12069 bytes)
Naksu 7 cm

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Naksu 7 cm

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Naksu  7 cm

fauni_naksu05.jpg (10484 bytes)
Naksu  7 cm (old version)

fauni_naksu04.jpg (10486 bytes)
Naksu  7 cm (old version)
Both old version Naksu Trolls has glass eyes. They have also hands like newer versions, even old Trolls in this page has lost their hands.

Naksu stickers below. In left picture is the old and in right picture the new (latest) version of sticker Atelier Fauni has used in Finland.

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fauni_naksu1lo.jpg (12488 bytes)
fauni_naksu3lo.jpg (10768 bytes)
fauni_naksu4lo.jpg (10776 bytes)

These items are from my collection... Not for sale!

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