Wooden furnitures in this page are made by Suomalainen Lelupaja in Porvoo

White and red furnitures below are mabe from 3mm thick cardboard
by Suomalainen Lelupaja Oy at beginning of 1900's

furnitures_w11.jpg (22532 bytes)


The sticker of the company
Suomalainen Lelupaja Oy

suomlelup_logo.jpg (37509 bytes)

The picture ot trademark is from
the book "Huwikaluja Lapsille"
ISBN 951-31-0652-7
written by Marja-Liisa Lehto

Light green furnitures below are propably made by Suomalainen Lelupaja Oy also
(The materials of these furnitures are 3mm thick plywood board and wood)

Red furnitures below are same as the white ones in right top corner on this page.

furnitures_w13.jpg (21945 bytes)

furnitures_w14_m.jpg (8300 bytes)

These items are Not for sale!
Beginning at www.fintoys.com