Dolls, Matti and Maija designed by Kaija-Riitta Iivonen
made in Finland 1980-1990

Short History...

Both dolls, Matti and Maija are designed sculptress Kaija-Riitta Iivonen at end of 1980's.
A model of these dolls has been real boy and girl child.
Both dolls were in production only some years turn 1980-1990. 
After many tests and study trips to Germany she decide to make her dolls from two materials, they has foam plastic filled clothing body with vinyl, arms, legs and painted vinyl head.
The aim of Kaija-Riitta was design really finish looking child doll.
My opinion is... she has really done it.




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More information about these dolls has published in book: Suuri Suomalainen Nukkekirja ISBN: 951-9440-52-6  Only finnish version of this book available... Sorry!


These items are from my collection... Not for sale!

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