From Herrala's (Jokilampi) Doll Head to a ready made doll...

Jokilammen doll heads are used for example by a doll manufacturer called "Lahja Kaaros "fromTurku.

The Kaaros family has made many kinds of dolls and doll clothes from the 1940 up to the middle of the 70's. In addition to the sawdust filled dolls with a composite head and rag dolls, the production included at least teddy bears, however only to a small extent. The teddy bears were smooth-haired and not of the so-called teddy bear-type. The material of the teddy bears was also plush. The whole family was working together, Lahja made the demanding work and the only son Unto helped her as much as possible. The
father of family sold the ready made dolls and other toys their own shop called Ly-Le (Lyhyttavara-Lelu at Finnish), quite in the center of Turku. Unfortunately an actual catalogue of their production does not exist. Any marking, that tells about the manufacturer, has not been put to the toys either. So in other words identifying them this way after years will be nearly impossible. It was the kind of shop that was very typical at that time. You could find sewing utensils, cloths, clothes, and also toys there. The toys for sale
after the Second World War in Finland were domestic products like the dolls and teddy bears in shop Ly-Le, because the import from abroad was controlled.

The history that has been described above is told by Unto Kaaros, 22.09.2001 in Turku

Unfortunately my collections do not include either Lahja Kaaros dolls or teddy bears...
Luckily yet some doll heads made by the
doll head factory of Jokilampi (in Herrala).
Pictures on the right....


Paper Doll head made by
Jokilammen Nukketehdas

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Composite Doll head made by
Jokilammen Nukketehdas

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These items are from my collection... Not for sale!

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