Figures in this page are made in Finland by Siro or Kannaksen Lelu Oy
from 1920 to 1940's

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Civil peoples Toy Soldiers Part of Catalog 1923
Short history of the company Siro...

Erkki Makkonen started the company Siro in Viipuri Finland in 1919. Other partners were Eero Ekkola, E.W. Niinikoski and Georg von Alftan. The purpose of the company was to make all kinds of  toys for children. The very first toys from Siro were on view in exhibition in 1923. All Siro toys were made of mass with resin and sawdust. In the production there were many kinds of  figures, like toy soldiers, domestic and wild animals, athletics, and of course Indians and cowboys. So the assortment of the figures were quite large. Despite of the high quality products and large assortment they couldn't sell enough and the company Siro was ended in 1927. Anyway a new company called Kannaksen Lelu Oy in 1928 continued the production of Siro figures.

You can find more detailed information from book:
Huwikaluja Lapsille (ISBN 951-31-0652-7)
NOTICE! Only Finnish version from this book is available.

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