Toys in this page are made by TELEX (this page is under construction...)

The toy train (right) has simple mechanic inside. Fortunately the material has changed its shape and the train doesn't work anymore.

teltrain7.jpg (2769 bytes)

In this picture is a red bulldozer with original box. Even the packing of this bulldozer is quite nice. There are in every side of this box a picture of the bulldozer working in different places. In endflap is also a text:  "If you disassemble this box then its like a cartoon and you can use it for decoration in shop window".

telbul75.jpg (2172 bytes)

In this picture is a boat or... if you turn it upside its a car. It has also a text "Telex" in the other side of toy. I have seen this toy also with some other mark of the manufacturer. It was....................

There are 2 cars from the whole 4 car set in this picture. The bus and the racing cars are missing. To this set belongs also one common friction drive frame.

To this series of working bears belongs at least one more bear, the stitcher.

telex_bear1_s.jpg (2789 bytes)

telex_bear2_s.jpg (3260 bytes)

telex_bear3_s.jpg (3632 bytes)

telex_iron_s.jpg (5160 bytes) telex_dog_s.jpg (6157 bytes)
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These items are from my collection... Not for sale!

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