View-Master reels from Finland...

Finnish commercial reels.
At least following two Finnish companies, "STA" and "Monipakkaus" has View-Master commercial reels from 1950 - 60.

"STA's Bus Trips"

It's almost unknown that a Finnish coach company produced a set of  three reels promoting their charter bus trips from Finland to Central and Southern Europe in late fifties. The set consists of ordinary reels that probably were already previously released by Sawyers Inc. The reels are titled "A trip to Paris", "A trip to Austria" and "A trip to Italy". The first picture of the first reel is not ordinary: it shows the company's Bussing-coach in the center of Helsinki. The company still exists today and is called "Finnish Tourist Coach" or "Suomen Turistiauto".The package is blue, it contains a drawing of the bus and is titled in Finnish "To Paris, Vienna and Italy with STA's luxury coaches; A selection of pictures from the famous View-Master assortment".

"Monipakkaus Myy Enemmän"

Finnish commercial reel showing packaged foods - bottles&cans, 60s.


The View-Master pictures from Finland has taken between 1950 - 60.
There are published 18 separate and 7 series as View-Master reels.
   Separate reels:

  2601 Helsinki -I
  2602 Helsinki -II
  2603 Turku Castle
  2604 Turku
  2605 Turku II
  2606 Tampere
  2608 Lahti
  2609 Savonlinna
  2610 To Aulanko And Tampere by Silver Line
  2611 Kuopio And Surroundings
  2612 Oulu And Surroundings
  2613 Oulu And Surroundings - II 
  2615 Vaasa
  2616 Jyväskylä
  2617 Lappeenranta
  2618 Kotka
  2619 Hämeenlinna
  2620 Aulanko Park

   Package with 3 reels:

   C535 Laplanders And Their Reindeer (Finland)

   C536 Turku & Its Castle

   C537 Helsinki

   C538 The Lake District - East Finland

   C539 The Lake District - Central Finland

   C540 Finland

   C541 Hämeenlinna to Aulanko

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