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In these pages I want to present some Finnish made OLD toys for collectors all over the world.
You can find here pictures from old Tin Toys, Model Trains, Wooden Toys, Plastic Toys,
Surprise Toys (Cars like Toyota, Volvo, Ford Eddsel, VW 1200, Opel, Citroen, Saab 96, etc.),
Composite Dolls (like Martta, Dollytex, Herrala, etc. dolls), Doll House Furniture's (for Brio etc.),
Character Toys (Fauni, Moomin Trolls, Batman, Snow White), Promo Cars, (Saab, Volvo, Toyota)
Here is also list from Manufacturers and Trademarks like Aarikka, Atelier Fauni, Chymos  
Dollytex, Emek, Jukka Lelut, Niemen Tehtaat, Nokia, Martta Nukketeollisuus, Meca,
Mikro Kino, Nyrhinen, Plasto, Plastex, Rudanko Markku, Sarvis, Stahlberg, Telex etc.