Promo Cars, Made in Finland 1960's-1990's


Cars at scale 1/18

ford_10.jpg (3040 bytes) bs9910.jpg (1622 bytes) bvama110.jpg (1658 bytes) bv16410.jpg (1589 bytes)
Ford Cortina Saab 99  Volvo Amazon Volvo 164
Cars at scale 1/20
Saab_Lancia_S.jpg (2177 bytes) mbfamb10.jpg (1708 bytes) pontiac_s.jpg (2874 bytes) Saab_99_4D_Sedan_v2_Orange_aS.jpg (4971 bytes)
Saab Lancia Mercedes PontiacFirebird Saab 99
Saab_900_S.jpg (2413 bytes) Saab_9000_CD_4D_Sedan_Blue_aS.jpg (5353 bytes) Toyota_Corolla_S.jpg (2304 bytes) vjakb10.jpg (1546 bytes)
Saab 900 Saab 9000 Toyota Volvo Jakob
Volvo_66_S.jpg (2255 bytes) Volvo_343_S.jpg (2386 bytes) Volvo_142_S.jpg (2224 bytes) Volvo_244_S.jpg (2274 bytes)
Volvo 66 Volvo 300 ser. Volvo 100 ser. Volvo 200 ser.
Volvo_760_S.jpg (2509 bytes) VW_Golf_S.jpg (2279 bytes) . .
Volvo 700 ser. VW Golf . .
Cars at scale 1/32
. sv14210.jpg (1417 bytes) . .
. Volvo 142 . .
Most Saab and Volvo promo cars at scale in this page are made by Stahlberg, only some latest models are made by Emek. The first Toyota and Volkswagen models are made by Nyrhinen then JuJu Toys and the latest finnish versions of these cars are made by Hot Toys. The first Mecedes promo cars are made by Stahlberg. The molds for Volkswagen and Mecedes are sold to Estonia and for Volvo Amazon and Toyota to Russia. More information about these finnish promo cars is coming in this year... I hope...

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